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Boren STEM ~ Attendance
Monica Aikas

Albertson, Nicole

Emily Alexander

Avery, Timothy

PE Teacher K8

Personal Message

Mary Bannister

Bannister, Mary



I am passionate about students' literacy:
digital citizenship, digital literacy, information literacy, reading literature, and research. We want students to check out a variety of things that they Wand to Read!

Love being a teacher-librarian at Louisa Boren STEM PreK - 8!
Read! Read! Read! Read! Read!

Danielle Blechert

Blechert, Danielle

School Counselor
Ethan Bleeker

Bleeker, Ethan

7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher

Personal Message

Bradley, Lilia

Early Learning Play & Learn Facilitator
Michael Brown

Brown, Michael

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7
Lee-Chin Chua

Chua, Lee-Chin

Teacher/Bilingual BE

Colby, Kristin

Hayward Coleman

Coleman, Hayward

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7
Anya Dale

Dale, Anya

Teacher-Special Education-XT

DesAutels, Travis

Teacher-Middle School
Barbara Diggs

Diggs, Barbara

Amy Donnelly

Ellis, Latisha

Administrative Secretary