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    Highly Capable Services and Advanced Learning Programs

    Advanced Learning provides services to meet the instructional needs of students whose abilities, talents and potential for accomplishment are so advanced they require special provisions to meet their educational needs.

    We provide services for students who are currently enrolled in Seattle Public Schools and who have been evaluated for and designated as needing advanced learning services. We also assist students who are transferring into the school district who need to be tested for eligibility.

    Programs and Services

    Highly Capable Services, which serves students in grades K-12, provides one or more of the following: enhanced curricula, appropriately differentiated instruction, deeper learning opportunities and/ or accelerated pacing. Read more about Highly Capable Services.

    Advanced Learning Programs (Spectrum), which serves students in grades 1-8, provides advanced curriculum in reading/ELA and math. Read more about Advanced Learning Programs and Services.


    Gifted students are identified by an exceptional ability to learn and reason beyond their same-age classmates. Advanced learners include gifted students with disabilities (twice-exceptional students) and students with exceptional abilities or potential from all social-economic, ethnic and cultural populations. Read more about identifying students for advanced learning.
    For more information about eligibility criteria: Read more about Advanced Learning Eligibility Criteria.


    Anyone may recommend a child for the eligibility evaluation process, including teachers, other staff, parents, students and community members. Only the student's parent or guardian may make an official Referral. Read more about referring students.

    Testing and Evaluation

    Students who are referred for advanced learning to be considered for Highly Capable Services or Advanced Learning Programs participate in testing during the assessment cycle window to determine eligibility. Read more about testing and evaluation process.

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    Key Dates

    See our calendar webpage for upcoming dates and general referral and testing windows.

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