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    Successful Direct Give!
    Posted on 11/09/2018
    Direct Give 2018

    With matching gifts, reoccurring donations added in, and all the numbers totaled - we've hit our goal! Every time this happens I get a lump in my throat and feel a huge sigh of relief. I feel really lucky to be at a school where families give what they can to support the learning being done and I really appreciate every single donation. The big ones because you are supporting other students besides your own, and the little ones because I know you gave what you could and it's a sacrifice you made for our students’ education.

    Thank your neighbors, your families, your friends who gave into a community that needs the help to do big learning. We have so many great things still to come this year. Community events, assemblies, projects, field trips - all already being planned. So many more minds to be blown! Tax letters will go out by the end of the month and then my energies will turn towards the auction coming up March 23. I hope you choose a way you can participate. And don't worry - you can ALWAYS donate to the PTA. We ALWAYS will take ANY donation. Time, treasure, or talent - it's all important.


    Robin Graham - PTA Fundraising Chair